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If your goal is to have a fun, unique, and memorable wedding, you’re in the right place!

5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Day More Unique

If your goal is to have a fun, unique, and memorable wedding, you’re in the right place! Your wedding day will be special no matter what because it’s the day you marry your favorite person. But there are a lot of ways you can make your wedding just that much more special. In this blog, I will share 5 ways to make your wedding day more unique. Keep scrolling to be inspired!

1. The Food

The meal that you serve at your reception is a great way to make your wedding more unique and personalized. Instead of the classic chicken or fish meal, you can choose something a bit more personalized. Some examples are your favorite meal to eat as a couple or the food you ate on your first date. You can pull this inspiration for your desserts too, if your first date was at the fair, funnel cake! There are so many fun meals you can choose from, and I’m sure your guests will love the non-traditional meal!

2. Incorporate Family Traditions

A great way to make your wedding different than anyone else’s is by incorporating your family traditions. This is such a great way to make your wedding memorable and just that much more special. This could include a cultural dance from the couple’s home country, a special song that is played at the reception, or a traditional family recipe served as part of the meal.

3. Choose Unique Entertainment

Another way to make your wedding memorable is by switching up the reception entertainment. Instead of the traditional DJ or band, you can opt for more unique entertainment options like a fire eater, a live painter, or a stilt walker. There are so many options for this one, just take a quick google search of live entertainment in your area and see what you can find.

4. Create a Signature Drink

You can create your own signature cocktail or mocktail to serve at the reception. This could be a special recipe that has been passed down through generations or something totally unique to the couple. I have even seen couple create a signature cocktail for their dog or cat! This is also a great way to save some money on your alcohol budget, you can just offer signature drinks and beer and wine.

5. Plan an Unconventional Reception

My last way to make your wedding day more unique is to plan an unconventional reception. This could include hosting an outdoor movie night, planning a themed costume ball, or setting up a food truck for guests to enjoy. This is a great option for the bride and groom that are not really that into dancing all night. The possibilities are endless for this one, you can make it a game night with all your favorite board games or even a pool party! Let your imagination loose for this one and see what unique things you can came up with.

These are only 5 ways you can make your wedding day more unique and special. For more wedding tips, click here. To book me for your big day, click here.


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